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19/09/2017 0:00 - Agricultural Commodities Market
Strong growth of the storage capacity of grains

As of May 2016, commercial fixed grain storage capacity had increased 12% in less than 2 years. However, silo bag is still the tool that allows a flexible response to changes in production. The San Lorenzo and Rosario departments, in the Santa Fe province, have 23% (14 million tons) of the commercial fixed grain storage capacity of the country.

The latest report from the Ministry of Agroindustry indicated that commercial storage capacity for grains in Argentina raised to 61.3 million tons by May 2016. This estimate includes all types of fixed storage infrastructures – silo, load cells, barns, etc. – from all warehouses from commercial companies, cooperatives, industries and port deposits in Argentina. This figure also assumes calculations based on a test weight of 80 kg/hl.

These estimates, however, do not include fixed storage capacity from producers. On 2008, the “Producir Conservando” Foundation estimated the latter around 15 million tons. We believe these figures could not have changed considerably given the extended use of silo bag and the deterioration of existing infrastructure.

Table N° 1 summarizes the data provided by the Ministry of Agroindustry and the “Producir Conservando” Foundation. Total fixed capacity is not enough to hold national production (estimated around 127 million tons for the 2017/18 marketing year), but this deficit is covered by silo bag and immediate demand.

Fixed storage capacity in Greater Rosario Area

Table N° 2 shows fixed storage capacity for grains in the Greater Rosario Area. This area represents 23% of all national commercial storage capacity and is able to hold 11% of all national grain production.

A report by Ing. Mario Camarero (which was published by the Ministry of Agroindustry) estimates ports storage capacity as of 19% of all total commercial storage capacity, which would stand around 11.7 million tons.

Storage capacity in argentine provinces

Three provinces concentrate most of the storage capacity in fixed commercial silos: Santa Fe, Buenos Aires and Córdoba. These three provinces account for 52 million tons of storage capacity, or about 86% of total capacity for Argentina. Santa Fe leads the pack with commercial storage capacity for 22.6 million tons of grain.

Storage Capacity in the industrial sector

Table N° 4 shows distribution of fixed grain storage capacity according to industrial activities. Industrial establishments hold 35% of total capacity.

How does Argentina’s storage capacity compare with United States and Brazil?

Out of these three countries, the US holds the largest commercial storage capacity, with a fixed capacity of 290 million tons that is able to store about 48% of national production, a similar ratio to that of Argentina. Brazil, on the other hand, is able to hold 68% of total production in fixed storage infrastructure, according to CONAB.

We must highlight that the US government, through the Farm Storage Facilities Loan, provides producers with credit for the financing of the construction of grain facilities at low interest rates.


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