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28/07/2017 0:00 -
Slight uptick in activity for local deferred payment checks market

Total CPD trading for January – July 2017 amounts to ARS 10,175 million, an increase of almost 17% over the same period for the previous year. If adjusted for the average monthly exchange rate, this total represents about USD 638.9 million, +5.9% year-over-year.


Average haircuts on endorsed checks (which represent about 93% of total DPC trading) with maturities between 181 and 360 days have been volatile over the past one and a half years, oscillating between 20% and 25%.


Over the past year, rates on endorsed checks have become more attractive against other short-term/low-risk peso denominated investments such as time deposits and Central Bank bills.


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Institutional Video of the Bolsa de Comercio of Rosario (Rosario Board of Trade)

 Rosario Board of Trade

The Rosario Board of Trade is a centennial institution located in Rosario, in the most important agroindustrial zone of Argentina. Throughout its history it has created and boosted transparent, solid and reliable markets: the Grains Physical Market, the Futures Market, the Capital Market, and the Livestock Market.

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