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14/08/2017 0:00 - Crop Progress and Condition Reports
GEA – Agricultural Strategic Guide/BCR
Sowing corn with more doubts than certainties

The outlook is not encouraging for corn sowing: the yields that would have to be obtained to cover the costs in rented fields would be above 9 Tn/ha, surpassing in some cases the zonal means. After the frost, the wheat is now facing high temperatures. In some cases, the wheats advance stages.

​Will 10% more corn be added 2017/18?

The corn campaign is about to begin. However, soybean has once again been considered as the best option. The financial burden and the costs that increased their indifference yields seem to re-lock it to their hectare of last year: 1 million hectares. Tenants must obtain corn of 9 Tn/ha to cover their costs and in some areas these averages exceed the historical average.

Fear of high temperatures

Except the week that there was frost, there was no cold in the core region. Average temperatures in July were above historical values for that month. Since then wheat has advanced stages. This thermal phenomenon shortens the tillering stage, limiting the wheat to a few stems.

Wheats with 50% of the lots in very good condition

Wheats in the province of Córdoba were the most affected by the frost, and are in need of some water. Although it is not a limiting factor, the missing one begins to be noticed. In contrast, this week they were re-planting some plots in the northeast of Buenos Aires because of the excesses of water. The cereal of the north of Buenos Aires shows a broad behavior according to the dates in which it was planted. The longer cycles, the early ones, are in better conditions than the short ones, planted later.


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