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17/07/2017 0:00 - Agricultural Commodities Market
Argentina in the grains and by-products global market ranking for 2016/2017

We analyze Argentina’s standing in the global market of grains, flours, oils and biodiesel in 2016/2017 commercial season. We should continue to be the world's leading exporter of soymeal and soyoil. Argentina produces 5% of the world's total grains and has a 15% share in worldwide grains and by-products trading.

Argentina. #1 soymeal exporter: In the 2016 /2017 season, our country continues to hold the first position as a world exporter of this product with 31.7 million tons sold. According to USDA, our country will export about 1.4 million tons more than 2015/2016.

Argentina. #1 soy oil exporter: In the 2015/2016 Argentina season maintains the first place in foreign sales of this oil. According to USDA, it will sell 5.6 million tons, outpacing Brazil, which should sell approximately 1.4 million tons to other countries.

Argentina. #3 corn exporter: Argentina falls one place in the standings compared to last year, ranking third as a corn exporter this season. According to data for the 2016/2017 season, the USA will sell 56.5 million tons of corn, Brazil comes second with 34 million tons in expected corn exports and Argentina ranks third with 27.5 million tons.

Argentina. #3 soybean producer: According to USDA estimates, the United States will once again be the main soybean producer in the 2016/17 season, with a 117 million ton crop. Brazil should follow with about 114 million tons produced, and Argentina will add 57.8 million tons to global supply.

Argentina. #3 soybean exporter: Brazil in the 2016/2017 marketing year is consolidated as the main soybean exporter with 62.4 million tons. It is followed by the USA with 55.8 million tons. Argentina will be located in the third place, with 8.5 million tons.

Argentina. #3 soy meal producer: As we saw before, our country is the main world soymeal exporter; however, it only ranks third as a producer. USDA estimates that Argentine production in 2015/2016 season could be 33.22 million tons, ranking below China (64.39 million tons) and the United States with (40.5 million tons).

Argentina. #3 soy oil producer: As is the case of soy meal, Argentina’s relevance in exporting surpasses that of its importance as a producer. It is estimated that the domestic soy oil production in 2016/2017 season could close at 8.7 million tons, whereas China and the USA produce 15.5 million tons and 10 million tons respectively.

Argentina. #3 soy oil based biodiesel producer: Until 2012, the Argentine Biodiesel industry stood firmly as the lead producer of soy oil based biodiesel. By 2015, Argentina had fallen to third place, with a production of 1.81 million tons, less than that of Brazil or USA. In 2016, Argentina rose to second place with 2.6 million tons, only behind the USA. Forecasts for 2017 point to Argentina falling once again to third place, with total output reaching 2.4 million tons.

Argentina produces 5% of the world's grains: World grain production is expected to reach 3,167.5 million tons in 2016/2017 season. This total is composed of 2,597.3 million tons of cereals and 570 million tons of oilseeds. Argentine grain production, with a total of almost 125.5 million tons, is equivalent to 5% of the total of cereals and oilseeds world production.

Argentina has a share of 15% world grains and by-products trading: Grains and by-products international trading for the 2016/2017 season is expected to amount a gross volume of 585.8 million tons. This figure is made up of 418.5 million tons of grains, 167.3 million tons of oilseeds, 90.1 million tons of oilseed meals and 77.3 million tons of vegetable oils traded between countries. According to Agroindustry Ministry data, 2016 Argentina is estimated have exported about 86 million tons of grains and products derived from its industrialization in 2016. This represents a share of 14.7% in world trade measured in physical volumes (585 million tons). The numbers show that the relevance of the Argentine Republic in the world trade in grains, oils and by-products is maintained.


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