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The keys to develop cargo transport and logistics system in Argentina in the next 6 years. Part 3: Paraná-Paraguay waterway system

The Paraná-Paraguay waterway system is one of the longest natural waterways on the planet: it is 3442 km. long from Puerto Cáceres (Brazil) to Nueva Palmira (Uruguay). It consists of three great rivers: Paraguay, Paraná and Uruguay. The waterway's direct incidence area is about 720,000 km2, while its indirect incidence area is 3,500,000 km2, involving a population of more than 40 million. Moreover, it is one of the most important transport networks in order to achieve physical and economic integration of MERCOSUR. 

The map shows the four sections of Paraguay-Paraná Waterway, and the river's draft in each part.  

 The economic importance of the Paraná-Paraguay waterway

About 102 Mt of loads are transported through the Corumbá (Brasil) – Atlantic Ocean section of Paraná-Paraguay waterway system. This volume is equivalent to 23% of the total annual cargoes transported in Argentina (estimated at 450 MT). In 2017, 82% of Argentine grains, meals and oils exports were shipped from ports located along this waterway. The Rosario Hub-Atlantic Ocean section turned out as the most active passage. Around 4,500 vessels operate in this section annually. Meanwhile, the port of Buenos Aires is very active in terms of passenger and car volume; 313,000 people and 102 cruises arrive in the port every year, and 600 thousand are mobilized annually in the port.

Moreover, 41 LNG carriers out of 68 arrived in Argentina through Paraná River, containing Liquefied Natural Gas imports.

Total loads in vessels with s draft greater than 15 feet deep in Santa Fe-Atlantic Ocean section of the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway is estimated at 135 Mt.

In mid-1995, Hidrovía S.A. concessionaire began to work on the draft and marking of the navigable trunk channel of the Paraná River, assuring a 32-feet effective depth from Timbues (ports of the Rosario Hub) to the Atlantic Ocean, ensuring greater vessels transit. Later, in 2006 the section's draft achieved the current the current 34-feet depth. Hidorvías S.A. concession expires in 2021. Therefore, in order to discuss ideas related to the project the Province of Santa Fe the so-called "Public-Private Work Table for the Paraná River Main Navigation Network" has been constituted.

Therefore, in order to introduce and discuss ideas for future concessions, in the province of Santa Fe was constituted "The Public-Private Work Table for the Paraná River Main Navigation Network", being Rosario Board of Trade one of the institutions involved in the project. 

The Working Group seeks to consolidate an efficient, sustainable and safe navigation system, which favors the water transport growth, waterways development and lower logistic costs.​

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