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12 dic 2017 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Wheat plays with better price and quality

Wheat harvest progress is close to 40% of the expected area, with better grain quality results than last year so far. Meanwhile, the number of trucks carrying wheat that entered the ports during November set a record for the past 17 years. A strong demand combined with more limited production has sustained wheat prices at levels much higher than last season.

12 dic 2017 | Agricultural Commodities Market
La Niña woke up and soybean prices shot up
The last rains in Argentinian fields are well behind, and thermal marks do not stop rising. Market fears that La Niña has settled in and that Argentinian soybean production will suffer in the crop year 2017/18, which in turn supported prices in the week to December 8, although ample ending stocks in the current season will add to the new supply therefore limiting the price climb.

12 dic 2017 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Grain transport from Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul through the Paraguay-Paraná waterway
Brasil expects to dispatch 120.2 million tons of commodities by 2031 through its 8 waterway systems. The Paraguay River could carry up to 20.4 million tons, 5.9 of which would be soybeans and corn from the Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul regions. These shipments could well arrive to ports located in te Greater Rosario and Nueva Palmira regions, which is excellent news for Argentina and Uruguay.

06 dic 2017 | Agricultural Commodities Market
2017/18 wheat harvest begins with forecasts of tight supply
December 1 marks the formal beginning of the 17/18 commercial cycle for Argentine wheat, although some grain has already been harvested and delivered to port a few weeks ago. The outlook for an adjusted supply and optimism about external demand has supported the most deferred positions of the cereal.

06 dic 2017 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Local demand and drought boosts soybean prices
Local soybean prices shot upwards in the middle of the previous week due to local industrial demand and the delay of soybean sowing because of the lack of moisture. For early corn, the rains are worth quintals; however, the shadow of La Niña persists.

06 dic 2017 | Agricultural Commodities Market
What does the future hold for Argentine soybean oil?
Argentina is the main exporter of soybean oil and the ninth in sunflower oil. In 2016, 4,500 million dollars worth of both products were sold abroad, 8% of national exports. Annually, 8.6 Mt of soybean oil are produced, with 60% of them being exported. Fluctuations in the production, consumption and world trade of all vegetable oils (soy, sunflower, palm, rapeseed, etc.), and their consequent price evolution, have an impact on the Argentine Trade Balance. Therefore, we analyze the panorama for this product, particularly in the case of India, the main customer of Argentine soybean oil.

06 dic 2017 | General Information
Public-private partnership and execution of road works
Argentina recently enacted a new piece of legislation that establishes a new system of public-private partnership contracts between the National Government and private companies. It seeks to encourage the participation of private investment in projects such as road infrastructure, housing, activities and services, productive investment and applied researchIt is a tool that seeks a balanced and predictable cooperation between the private sector and the State. How would the PPP system be applied in order to expand the capacity of national routes and carry out repaving works, beneficial for the transport of grains?

29 nov 2017 | Agricultural Commodities Market
How is grain production financed in Argentina?
An important issue in Argentina is related to agricultural financing. We have estimated the sources of finance for the planting of the six main crops in the 2016/2017 MY (wheat, soy, corn, sunflower, barley and sorghum). The producers may have needed for the 2016/2017 MY about 10,450 million dollars. 30% of these expenditures would have been covered with own funds (US$3.130 billion) and 70% with third-party-financing (US$7.320 billion). Relevant third-party-financing sources are banks, grain brokers, grain handlers, cooperatives, input suppliers and traders.

28 nov 2017 | Agricultural Commodities Market
CNV announced a public consult on new products and short selling
This November 23, the National Securities Commission (CNV) left open a process of public consultation, that will end on December 15, regarding three new regulatory projects: a) the authorization for the issuance of securities denominated in UVA / UVI; 2) the implementation of changes in securities lending regulations that would allow short selling; and 3) the redefinition of the concept of Independent Director in accordance with internationally accepted criteria. Next, an analysis is made on the first two proposals.

28 nov 2017 | Agricultural Commodities Market
November set a record on wheat deliveries to Rosario’s terminal ports
Almost 15,000 trucks delivered wheat to Rosario’s terminal ports in November to the 25th, setting a record for this month and signaling a strong beginning for the new commercial year that officially begins on 1st December.

28 nov 2017 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Local corn sales overwhelms soybeans trading
16/17 MY corn purchases by the export sector in the week ended as November 15 totaled 287,000 tons, being 5 times higher than the same week of the last MY. This corn volume correlates with good farmer selling pace at the cash market. Meanwhile, soybeans maintain a low trading volume. Crushing plants only bids for stocks deliveries in late December.

28 nov 2017 | Agricultural Commodities Market
18 Mt of late corn impacts on the Gran Rosario logistics
2016/17 corn production is estimated at 38 Mt. 47% of that production - 17.7 Mt- represents late corn. This corn is between April and July of each year, and also later -according to climatic conditions-. This is already a structural phenomenon that have had a strong impact on the logistics in the Gran Rosario. Both in the road infrastructure, in truck traffic, as well as in grain receiving facilities and cargo in ships in port terminals, cereal has influenced in several aspects.

22 nov 2017 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Local corn under pressure on big global supplies
The record US corn yield hit the market very hard. Short position from speculative funds skyrocketed, causing CBOT corn prices to reach a minimum in more than a year. In the local market, export activity did not meet initial expectations. However, November export performance could make a difference.

22 jul 2017 | Agricultural Commodities Market
The traded volume of new crop soybean hit a 6-year high
Forwards contracts for the 2017/18 soybean reached to 5.6 Mt to the first week of November. The figure is the highest in the last 6 years, considering that 2011/12 MY forwards accounted for 7.8 Mt. The sluggishness in the old crop year domestic sales comes from the unusual gap between the old crop and the new crop prices.

22 jul 2017 | Capital Market
Liquidity strain in the financial system gives way to higher rates
A series of circumstances have come together to dry up liquidity in the financial system, and as a result, interest rates have risen for all kind of products of diverse maturity, including time deposits and discount of deferred payment checks in local securities markets.

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