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Rosario Board of Trade

The Rosario Board of Trade is a centennial institution located in Rosario, in the most important agroindustrial zone of Argentina. Throughout its history it has created and boosted transparent, solid and reliable markets: the Grains Physical Market, the Futures Market, the Capital Market, and the Livestock Market.


The Rosario Board of Trade is a centennial institution located in the core zone of Argentina, in the strategic center of one of the most dynamic complexes of agroindustries in the world.

Throughout its history it has contributed to the progress and prosperity of the country, creating and boosting transparent, solid and reliable markets, transforming knowledge into added value for productive activity, suggesting and supporting projects which add to the comprehensive development of the region and the country.

The Grains Physical Market of the Board is very important in the country as regards operation volume, and its prices are a national and international reference. Soybean is the most commercialized product in this market and today Rosario is the most important physical marketing center of this oleaginous at a global level.

ROFEX, the Futures Market of Rosario, is the field where future contracts and financial and agricultural options are negotiated.

In the Securities Market of Rosario CORP., the stockbrokers and brokerage firms do business by buying and selling all kinds of negotiable securities such as shares, trusteeships, public and private debt documents, and deferred payment checks, including the innovative negotiation of checks with guarantee of commodities deposited in warranties.

Since its creation, Rosgan, the Livestock Market, has positioned itself as the first auction market televised in Argentina, which allows distance buying and selling of animals, from different parts of the country.

Besides having trustworthy markets and providing a transparent, safe and legal framework for business development, the Rosario Board of Trade generates, analyzes and shares, on a daily basis, relevant information on a variety of topics, thus contributing to strategic decision making.


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Institutional Video of the Bolsa de Comercio of Rosario (Rosario Board of Trade)

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