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14 feb 2018 | Crop Progress and Condition Reports
Soybeans need water soon
The signs of drought expanded to all soybean crops in the region. The technicians speak of a reproductive drought, very damaging, that could seriously impact on yields.

14 feb 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
The seed, key link in the agri-food chain
For an agricultural producer country like Argentina, the seed industry is very important and it is enough to observe some key indicators. This complex comprises more than 2,600 companies, employs more than 115,000 people directly and indirectly, has an annual seed production of almost 1 Mt, an annual turnover of 1,500 million dollars and exports of 285 million dollars. In addition, our country is the 9th world producer of seeds -second in the Latin American ranking-, 10th world exporter in dollars and 17th world exporter in negotiated volume.

14 feb 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Critical moment for soybean and corn campaigns
Weather is being decisive to determine the coarse grains harvest 2017/18. Each additional day that passes without rain reduces the yield potential of Argentina’s main exporting complexes. Whatever happens with the climate will not only have impact on the farmers, but also on the entire Argentine economy.

05 feb 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Climate puts Pressure on Argentina’s Soybeans and Corn.
The critical month for soybeans is starting with climatic forecasts that would not satisfy the water demand of the crop in Argentina.

05 feb 2018 | Economics
Agricultural equipment sales increased in 2017
Argentine agricultural machinery and equipment exports increased 11 % to November 2017 while local sales increased 79 % at the third quarter of 2017. The use of installed capacity in the sector also rose up to 78 % as September 2017 from the low of 50 % in 2015.

05 feb 2018 | Economics
Field and Agroindustry: Engines of production, consumption and exports of fuels.
The field is responsible for almost a quarter of the total diesel consumption in our country and biofuels provide not only foreign currency but also help to increase the supply of naphtha and diesel that Argentina's automotive sector and the agricultural and livestock activities demand.

29 ene 2018 | Business
Deferred payment checks: volume traded rise up 23% in 2017.
Deferred payment checks (DPC) trading volume increased almost 23 percent in 2017 measured in pesos and 2.6 percent measured in units. DPC holds better yields than other fixed rate investments with the same risk and maturity. This yields were correlated with the reference rates of the monetary market in Argentina throughout 2017 with the same maturity.

29 ene 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Good news in the international wheat market
As the crop year already finished, Argentine wheat continues to break records. This time, the good performance of the local cereal is focused on foreign trade. New marks in monthly sales to Brazil, the diversification of export destinations and the growth of the dollars generated characterize the great competitiveness in this crop.

29 ene 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Draught, oil and dollar: a strong cocktail for summer crops in Argentina
Dry weather in Argentina together with a lower tax on soybean complex exportations, rising oil prices and a weaker dollar in the world in times where Argentina’s value for the US dollar has been rising, combine to support soy and corn prices in the domestic market.

29 ene 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Supply and Demand Estimates for Soybean 2017/18 in Argentina
Rosario Board of Trade’s Research Department has updated its supply and demand estimates for soybean 2017/18 in Argentina, which will formally begin next April. We now expect a drop of production as a consequence of the lack of rain, together with a rise in foreign and domestic demand that will ultimately reduce ending stock by 30% YoY.

29 ene 2018 | Economics
The participation of Field and Agroindustry in the production of energy increases in Argentina.
Both sectors contribute with 6.2% of primary energy production and 5.5% of secondary energy production in Argentina. The biodiesel industry leads the growth ranking: in 10 years, it increased its production capacity by 700%.

22 ene 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Quick advance of wheat marketing in Argentina
More than half the estimated production in Argentina has already been bought by millers and exporters, deliveries committed for Rosario’s port hub from December 2017 to February 2018 are already 1.2 million ton above last year’s, while total exports for our country are projected 5 million tons above last 5 year’s average. Marketing for 2017/18 Argentinian wheat is advancing at full speed.

22 ene 2018 | Agricultural Commodities Market
Wheat, with record yields. How did it impact on quality?
The 2017/2018 wheat season showed record yields and began with excellent quality results. The first grains to reach the market are those from the north of Argentina, historically characterized by good protein levels. However, as yields increased in the core region, some quality parameters weakened. In net terms, the attributes of average quality of the samples that entered the Rosario Board of Trade’s laboratory have been below that those obtained for the same date last year, although this attributes still meets the requirements of the demand.

22 ene 2018 | Business
Argentina moves forward to financial inclusion
Financial inclusion, a multidimensional concept that refers to the incorporation of individuals who do not participate in the formal financial system and to the extension of the use of the services it offers, has the potential for economic growth and to reduce inequalities. The development of a strategy to achieve it seeks to strengthen our country's commitment to the issue.

22 ene 2018 | Crop Progress and Condition Reports
Rains Improved Crop Conditions
This week the drought areas decreased and the condition of the early crops in the region improved. Weekly rains varied between 10 and 110 mm. The sectors less favored by the rains are in the north of Buenos Aires.

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